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Tourism stakeholders in Sri Lanka take the digital route to boost global trade and tourist outreach

Sri Lanka tourism stakeholders have come together to establish a single point of contact for updating travellers and trade fraternity across the globe. The online platform named ‘,’ under the Sri Lanka Tourism Alliance moniker, aims to create an enabling online platform and community to promote Sri Lanka, providing authoritative information on the situation,  perhaps aimed most at negating the bad publicity by the media. The development has come about in the backdrop of dastardly …

The Big Picture

The Indian traveller is coming of age, suggests the latest Google and Bain& Company report

The Indian traveller has truly come of age. They are travelling to the distant corners of globe and showing a never before tendency of embracing the unknown. This major transformation has changed the landscape of the industry. An interesting dimension in the unfolding growth story of the Indian economy has also been the propensity of Indians to spend on travel and tourism. Travel and tourism consumption has been released by Google and Bain & Company …